Advanced Merchant Services is a national organization providing quality service and support across the country. We have actually developed a training brand called ISOPro Motion! Helping our sales partners reach their Goals and Dreams is our purpose with ISOPro Motion!

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Our commitment to training and supporting our sales staff is unmatched in the industry, starting from the initial training to providing you with the tools necessary to succeed in the long term. Whether it's an answer to a merchant question, equipment issues or assistance in the field, we are committed to providing fast, effective solutions to guarantee your success. Here's an example of what you'll learn in order to become a top producing sales partner in the payment processing industry:

  • Bank Card 101 - "The History of the Industry"
  • How to Prospect and Create Leads from Direct Lead Generation
  • Referral Marketing
  • Third Party Endorsements
  • The Bank Card Presentation
    • How to Lead Your Prospect by Asking Great Questions
    • Equipment Pricing and Compatibility - How to Price in the Field!
    • Closing Techniques - The Most Thorough in the Industry
  • Pricing A Merchant
  • Understanding Interchange
  • How to Properly Write Up the Order and Get It Approved the First Time!
  • A full Understanding of our Underwriting Guidelines!
  • Setting Up and Servicing the Account
    • What Files to Build
    • How to Download the Terminal
    • How to Install a Merchant
  • How to Read a Merchant Statement and Provide Clear Cost Savings Analysis to the Merchant
  • Compatible Equipment and Software
  • Understanding the Equipment We Sell!
  • Presentation and Marketing Materials
  • Risk Management
  • Closing the Sale - Over 30 Specific Closes!
  • Time Management - "A Day in the Life of a Successful Sales Partner"
  • Setting and Achieving Your Goals
  • Unique Niche Markets - QSR, Wireless, Retail and More!
  • How to Place Free Equipment Without Sacrificing Your Leasing Revenue!

We also have presentations from our vendor Partners to include:

  • Verifone, Nurit Hypercom, etc (understanding the equipment and making IP work)
  • Tasq Technology (our preferred equipment vendor)
  • Authorize.Net (our preferred vendor for Internet merchants)
  • Way Systems (Way Cool Wireless Solution)
  • Leasing Options through MBF or CIT
  • Global Checks - Electronic Check Conversion with Guarantee

We recently introduced a top level training class for successful sales partner's that want to expand into their own offices and really grow their business achieving 50, 100 or more applications monthly. This is called our Manager's Round Table!

  • How to Hire Sub - Agents - Including Ad Copy for Recruiting.
  • Training and Compensating Sub Agents
  • Setting up a Successful Phone Room for Appointment Setting or Tele-Sales
  • Salaried Outside Agents - How this can Really Increase Your Business!
  • Answering Questions Related to Payroll Companies and Administration.
  • Scripts that Work!
  • Forms & Addendums to Keep Track of the Programs You Roll Out.
  • Securing an Agent Bank Program
  • Receiving an endorsement from Franchisers and Associations
  • How to Effectively Advertise on the Internet and Get the Most Out of Our Co-Branded Web Sites.
  • Where Should We Put our Marketing Dollars?
  • What Systems are Needed to be Successful?